Frequently Asked Questions

Bedwetting Alarm

Most children learn not to wet their bed on their own by 4 or 5. Dr. Madre Bedwetting Alarm can be used by children who are 6 and still wet the bed.
No. Dr. Madre Bedwetting Alarm can be bought over-the-counter.
Most children need four to six weeks before they learn to understand their body and can awaken at night to urinate. However, I recommend that you work with your child’s pediatrician to determine what is best for your child.
No, children should use their regular underwear. They should not, however, wear absorbent training pants. The bedwetting alarm sensor cannot pick up moisture from these undergarments.  If you would like to protect the mattress, I suggest a waterproof mattress pad and sheet protector.  Dr. Madre does not currently sell one, but I have also used a saddle style protector, e.g. Amazon Mattress Protector.
The alarm vibrates, blinks blue lights, and sounds a loud alarm. It works for most children, though there have been rare instances when children did not awaken.

Infrared Non-Contact Talking Thermometer

Infrared thermometer temperature readings are very accurate.
Dr. Madre Infrared Thermometer can give an accurate temperature reading within 1 second.
Yes! In the past, parents were encouraged to use rectal thermometers to verify the readings of an infrared thermometer for babies younger than three months. Recent research suggests that infrared thermometers can give accurate readings for children of any age.
Yes, Dr. Madre Infrared Thermometer can read the temperature in Celsius (℃) or Fahrenheit (℉).
The Dr. Madre Thermometer can give you a reading in English or Spanish. The device also features a Silent mode.
Dr. Madre Infrared Thermometer is non-contact and is safe for use on babies and children.