About Us

Two years ago when I was 48,  I retired as a college professor and became a full-time mom. Although this was a very disorienting experience (I had been working since the age of 18), it was a much-desired adventure. I loved finally being able to spend more time with my daughters, but I worried that I was not helping my husband to secure their future. Dr. Madre is the outcome of my desire to actively help my husband provide for the girls’ future.

Since Dr. Madre embodies my good wishes for my children, I wanted our company to cater to the needs of children. My goal is to provide parents with products, such as our  non-contact infrared thermometer and our bedwetting alarm, that make daily parenting easier. You have my pledge that Dr. Madre will always provide quality products to help families during the ups and downs, twists and turns, and joys and struggles of parenting. This is just the beginning!

In 2016, 5% of our net sales went to the March of Dimes. This organization’s efforts are near and dear to my heart as the mother of twin girls who were born prematurely at 32 weeks. As we grow, we hope to do more in our communities to improve the lives of children.

Dr. Madre became a subsidiary of MedX Dispensing, Inc. in 2015. MedX Dispensing, Inc., a Wyoming corporation, was incorporated in 2009. It’s been part of the e-commerce business community for nearly 20 years.