“This is def. the best bed wetting product I have tried. It is the 3rd one actually! My oldest son has high functioning Autism and it has been a battle trying to keep dry during the night. He get’s upset when he wakes up wet so is willing to try any thing to help. When we got this all “hooked up” the first thing he told me was it was much more comfortable than the other 2 we tried. That is a def plus for my child who has major sensory issues. The very first night he used it he actually woke to use the bathroom! I thought it was a fluke. The next night again he woke to use the bathroom. Last night was our third night using it and although he slept through the night he woke up dry! He is so happy about this and of course I am. He had been invited to sleep overs in the past but was always afraid to go just in case he had an “accident”. I am thinking that with continued use this product just may work like a charm! I was able to try this alarm for a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review. I still paid for this and because I always refer to online reviews when buying a product I will only be honest in this review. For better or worse. This product exceeded my expectations!”

“I will have to remember to post back in a few weeks on effectiveness of product as it has only been two nights of use. I have an eight year old boy who consistently wets his bed each night and have tried each and every method. In just two days I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve followed the instructions exactly, and the alarm wakes him up at the first drops of moisture it senses, meaning wet undies but not wet sheets! I’ve gone two days without having to wash sheets which feels like a small victory in all of this. The alarm isn’t at all startling, and wakes my son up which is the biggest challenge in his bed wetting because he is an unbeleiveably sound sleeper.”
— Casandra O’Day

“I have used an alarm before for one of my kids, and now the next kid needs one. I love the price of this, and the armband design. Before, I spent a lot on the Malem alarm with lots of different sounds that pinned to my son’s shirt. I know now that it’s totally unnecessary. The Dr. Madre alarm works just as well for less than half the cost, and with a nicer design. My 8 year old is very happy to have the armband version. We’ve only used it 5 nights so far, but it seems to be working – my son set it off the first night, then had a completely dry night the next two nights, which is pretty awesome. Last night the alarm went off and he was able to stop peeing immediately, meaning he only needed to change his undies and not the pjs or sheets. Big thumbs up!

Update – been using this for 7 weeks now and our son is making steady progress. He is currently at 39 out of 45 nights dry (!) and it’s been 9 nights in a row. This is awesome, and everyone is a lot more rested and feeling hopeful. I am certain we could not have done it without this alarm. I imagine he feels better waking up now, too, without a problem to face the second he’s awake.”

— Lauren V.