Daily Parenting Made Easier with Dr. Madre Products

Dr. Madre provides high-quality products for children, adults and elderly. Oral and infrared thermometers for easy fever detection, blood pressure monitors with a simple push of a button and a bedwetting alarm for dry nights and helping with kids potty training.


Taking a body temperature used to be a struggle, but now it is easy!  The Dr. Madre non contact infrared thermometer has a quick scan feature that allows you to read kids temperature in the most accurate and consistent way, as it is touch-free. It even has a separate function for measuring room temperature. Doctor tested, Mom approved. Your toddler or kid will love you!

Be alerted only when needed.

Bed wetting lowers your child’s self-esteem. But, you can now help your child get over this stage with the Dr. Madre’s bedwetting alarm. This bedwetting alarm effectively helps you train your child to wake up at night whenever there’s a need to go to the restroom. It sends a sufficiently audible alarm and vibrates to stop your child from urinating, wake up, and go to the restroom effectively teaching them to understand their body’s needs.

For mothers and aspiring mothers

Forgot to record the previous day’s reading? Don’t fret because this basal body temperature tracker has a last memory recall feature shown on the big LCD display.

Every Detail You Need In One Glance.

Have you just looked at a blood pressure monitor and thought, ‘How in the world should I read this thing?’ Well, with this apparatus’ built-in LCD monitor with 3 color backlight options, you can read the results easily and see the statuses of the unit’s deflation, inflation and battery charge. The memory record number can also be viewed which can be very handy when backtracking your previous readings.

Dr. Madre started with the hope to cater every child’s needs. By providing tools, such as an infrared thermometer, a basal thermometer for ovulation, a blood pressure machine, and a bedwetting alarm for kids, Dr. Madre aims to help families improve their way of living.